Muzaffer Effendi, Saint of Humanity


What is the birth of a great saint?
It is a gift from God,
the renewal of the original Covenant,
a rainbow of divine possibilities,
a blessing to people and to the earth and all of its inhabitants.
A saint is God’s breath of Mercy,
the life-giving rain of heaven pouring onto the earth, making everything alive, beautiful and new
A saint is Noah’s Ark carrying the souls to safety and to a new land
A saint is a cave of refuge from the torments of the world
A saint is the solver of life’s puzzle, freeing the spirit from its apparent embodiment in the earth
A saint is the interpreter of life’s sacred script
A saint is the proof of the existence and reality of God
A saint is the confirmation of the sacredness of the human form as the Face of God
A saint is the revealer of the One within the many

A saint makes the impossible possible, brings the dead to life
Sometimes a saint turns the world upside down, unmasks the dazzling parade and makes the earth tremble if it is called for, to save the hearts from the illusions and caprices of the world
The saint has no program notes and is always surprising, sometimes disturbingly quiet and still, as though nothing will ever happen again in the universe, and sometimes singing and dancing until everything becomes intoxicated and bewildered
The saint gives their life completely into the hands of God and lives only for God and the people of God,
A saint sees life only as God’s life and all beings as inseparable

Shaykh Muzzaffer Ozak, may he be embraced in God’s great Mercy, was this saint.
He was born for the happiness and salvation of others
He was born to guide people on the path of the noblest of humanity, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
He was born to protect the Truth of the human heart against the numbing potion of modern secularism and scientific positivism and against the deadly poison of religious fundamentalism and bigotry
He was born to stand up against worldly tyrants and narrow-minded zealots

He was born to open the way to the sacred reality of Allah within every human heart and to make the way easy
He was born to demonstrate the face of true humanity
He was born for mercy, for love, for tenderness
He was born to embody the spirit of God, to be the seeing and hearing of God
He was born to feel the suffering of humanity
He was born to pray for humanity and to bring the healing balm to humanity
He was born to speak God’s endearing words to broken hearts and seeking souls
He was born to pour the wine of love for thirsty lovers who had never before entered a tavern of love
He was born to be the key that opened the secret chamber of the heart where Allah’s infinite mystery abides
He was born to be the chamberlain of Allah

Muzaffer Effendi came to America for love
He came to reveal the lovers beneath the clothes of everyday people
He came bearing the seed of the ancient sacred tradition of the East to the West
He was the last spiritual sultan of the Ottoman Empire which carried the Khalifat of the Muhammadan tradition of the heart
He came to America to meet the spiritual inheritor of the West, Lex Hixon, who was transformed thru Effendi’s powerful gaze into Shaykh Nur al Jerrahi

“Your Ashki came to the West
To find his beloved friend
Offering him the crown of love
La ilahe ilallah.”

Muzaffer Effendi was the powerful ray of the brilliant sun of Muhammad shining into America, helping to transform modern humanity into sacred humanity, and like the sun which makes all grow, he revived all of the spiritual traditions in the West, subtly, invisibly
Shaykh Muzaffer lived and embodied the full meaning of La ilahe ilallah Muhammadun Rasulallah,
He was the hearing and seeing of Allah and the generous Hand of Allah
He was the honey of the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad and his glorious adab
He conveyed the word of the blessed Quran, transmitted its essence and revealed its great beauty and astonishing wisdom - he was the living Quran – in a holy dream he was given the Quran directly from the hand of Rasulallah peace be upon him, who was standing in his tomb
He inspired love for salat, the prayer of prostration before the One, within the One, as the One to the One
With him was the constant pilgrimage from Truth to Truth
His being was pure caritas, manifesting Allah’s infinite generosity and abundance flowing toward all creatures, inspiring generosity, kindness and beautiful actions in all those around him
He proved that the fires of the hell of the tyrannical self can be extinguished by a tear of the friend of God
He demonstrated that God was truly Love.
“The Messiah of love whirling in the chapel of the West.”

His own being evaporated continuously before Allah, leaving the One alone

We are his inheritors, we are his people, we are his continuation

“This noble Shaykh Muzaffer
Placed at Masjid al Farah
One strand from the Holy Beard
La ilahe ilallah”

With Shaykh Nur the hand of the East joined the hand of the West and all of the fingers of the sacred paths of East and West intertwined together
Between their two hands the precious light of the heart was sheltered and enshrined, and its radiant beauty could shine out and renew the world
Muzaffer Effendi deposited the cipher of reality and the key of happiness, La ilahe ilallah Muhammadun rasulallah, on the mountaintop of Shaykh Nur’s heart, and left Nur and Nur’s community and inheritors and companions to bring this to Humanity

Happy Birthday Effendi
Happy Birthday Humanity
Fariha al Jerrahi and all the Nur Ashki Jerrahi community


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