Quranic Ayats

In Allah’s Overflowing Bounty of Love

Cherished Companions,

Greetings and congratulations on your sixth day of honoring the best of months!

Today we are going back to some earlier Ayats from Surah Baqara which speak of the good of spending and sharing what Allah has bestowed upon us.

The likeness of those who spend their substance, seeking to please Allah and to strengthen their souls, is as a fertile garden on high ground. Heavy rain falls upon it and it yields an abundant harvest. If it does not receive much rain light moisture still suffices it.

And Allah sees clearly whatever ye do.


Sharing is one of the crucial spiritual practices for the soul, whose limited side tends to selfishness, self-preservation and stinginess.  The limited self, because it dwells in fear and smallness, sees everything as limited, and therefore wants to hold on to things and preserve them for itself. It wants to hold on to its own life reserves and not spend those so it can live as long as possible. And so Allah addresses us to help lift us out of our dilemma, “Spend. Share. Share your self and share your possessions. Whatever you give I know it and I cherish it and I will replenish it with something even better and more abundant.”

The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a single grain of corn: when planted in the ground it grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred grains. Allah gives abundant increase to whom He pleases: And Allah is all embracing generosity, intimately knowing. 2: 261

This beautiful Ayat is the basis for what Shaykh Nur calls the mathematics of Divine generosity. The proportion of Divine response to whatever good we bring is at the very least seven hundred to one. Where else could we expect such a return?

Allah is Rich beyond any possibility of decrease. In a hadith Qudsi Allah reveals that His richness is like an infinite ocean and even of all of humankind and all creatures asked for all their desires this ocean would not decrease even by as much as a pin dipped into it.

One of the guides of the Way has said, “How could I worry about giving and spending as I have a Master Who is infinitely rich?”

Our work in the Ramadan is to focus our vision on Allah rather than on our limited means, turning our gaze to Allah as Allah is gazing at us.

When we gaze at unlimited Goodness what worry can there be that supplies will run out?

The Koranic teaching is always in balance. We are not requested as in some Paths of poverty to give everything we have, only a portion of it. And that portion will protect the rest and actually make it grow.

Those who spend their substance in the cause of Allah and follow not up their gifts with reminders of their generosity or with harmful acts - for them their reward is with their Lord: on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve.


You will not attain righteousness until you give from that which you love; and whatever ye give, truly Allah knows it well.


Ramadan is such a wonderful time to contemplate and focus. So let us focus on the infinite Generosity and unlimited Abundance of Allah. Focus on the dazzling Beauty of Allah. Focus on the unrestricted and boundless Love of Allah. Focus on the perfect Justice of Allah. And then look at how the Unlimited takes on the appearance of the limited in the world, just as a mirror catches the rays of unbounded light and reflects it as limited forms. “We send down in due proportion.” And then looking upon the mirror we will not feel fearful or limited by the dimensions of the mirror or by the superficial appearances in the mirror. We will know that the mirror is the place where the unbounded Divine light dances for our delight, and so that we can be instructed and guided and perfected. The secret essence of our hearts is always with Allah, always dwelling in the boundless realm of Love’s Light.

Here is a practice for helping to free our self from spiritual constrictions:

Sit quietly and look at where you feel limitation in yourself. Look at where you feel constriction and fear  in your soul and body. And then allow the Divine Mercy to enter into that place and dissolve it.

You can do this several times.

“It is the Rebel who threatens you with the fear of poverty.”


Spiritual maladies are similar to the physical parasites which hide in our cells and in the recesses and in the small meshes of toxins and wastes niched in our body. The Ramadan fast is a great healer for these little adversaries.


And then, the word from Allah which lifts us to a whole other level… the level of the ‘friend.’ And Nur has said that in the Ramadan “wherever I look I see only Saints!”

And among the people there is the one who gives their whole life to find the pleasure of Allah.      


For the sake of the Ramadan may we be included among those!

Fariha Nur Jerrahi

Fourth Day, Fourth Section of the Generous and Wise Koran

In Allah’s Boundless Compassion and Love

Peace to your hearts dear dervishes. May every day of Ramadan become deeper and more beautiful for you.

The ayats of Koran that stood forth in this day’s reading (Juz, section, 4) are these:

Surah Al-i-Imran  Surah 3:190-195

Behold and contemplate the magnificent Creation of the heavens and the earth and the cycles of alternation of night and day, of darkness and light. And realize that these are Divine signs for people of understanding…people who love to celebrate the praises of Allah, standing, sitting and lying down on their sides, and who contemplate the creation of the heavens and the earth, offering this prayer,

“O Beloved, You have not created these magnificent universes in vain and for nothing. Your Glory shines through every atom in all realms and everything in Creation praises You. We beg You by Your glory and beauty to save us from the affliction of the fire of the limited self!

Our Lord, we have heard the call of the one beckoning us to faith, “Have faith in the One Who is your Lord and Lover.” And our hearts have responded in faith.

Our Lord, forgive us our wrongs, erase from us the traces of transgression, and take our souls to You in companionship with the righteous and truthful.

Our Lord, give to us what you have promised us through the prayers of Your Messengers and do not disgrace us on the Day of Truth. And you never fail in Your promise. 

And their Beloved has joyfully accepted their prayer and answered them. “Never will I disregard any of your beautiful acts of love and devotion, valuing equally those of men and those of women. You are part of one another, forming the community of love.

Those who in their longing for Me have left their domains of earthly comfort or have been driven out, or suffered harm, whether physical or emotional, in My cause, or struggled in the Way or have been slain – truly I will erase their faults and admit them into Paradise gardens with rivers of delight flowing beneath… a reward from My direct Presence, and in My Presence is the best of rewards.”





Nisaa, Women  Surah 4:2



O humanity, revere your Lord and Lover who created you from a single Soul and created from this Soul a pair. And from this pair spread multitudes of men and women over the earth.

Revere Allah through whom you form family relations and demand your mutual rights from each other.

And revere the blessed wombs that bore you.

And Allah is lovingly watching over you, protecting you and guarding you.


Ya Hu!  Blessings on your fourth day of Ramadan!

Fariha Nur

Beautiful Letter from Shaykha Amina al Jerrahi!

Bismillâh ir rahmān ir Rahim

“A new moon teaches gradualness
and deliberation and how one gives birth
to oneself slowly. Patience with small details
makes perfect a large work, like the universe.” 

Hazreti Mevlana Rumi
This first night was a very special night among other reasons, due to the particular configuration of the mystical body that the Real One made ... there were present dervishes representatives of all generations —from Abu Bakr and his adorable grandchildren Anwar and Perceo, and their parents, to the little Fatima who is still looking at Paradise; the Beauty has just been born just a few months ago.
…For the sweetness of the Tarawih prayers, the soul strength of all the dervishes present, the loving sound of the Divine Names in our voices, the love of the music, the songs, the rain that fell and cleaned in the afternoon and almost until the magrib… a flow of blessings was being poured from the Most High in preparation for the arrival of the Holy Time of Ramadan ... It is a time that Allah has endowed with a nature like no other time, a nature with a blend of Generosity and Mercy, that is, is Generous in Mercy, the strength and the power of Mercy overflow. Mercy is really Divine Extreme Love. That is why, among many other reasons, Ramadan is a sacred time, a special time from God, Creator of space and time. "I am Time". (Koran)
We are also informed that all demons are immobilized in this sacred time.
There are times more auspicious than others, points out Muzaffer Efendi, may Divine Mercy embraces him on this first night of Ramadan and always. We are in "the Best of the Months”.
Sometimes we can lose perspective, the awareness of what is really great [of Ramadan] and only focus on the aspect of fasting and the initial discomfort. [May our fasting be transformed into food for all who fast all year long because they have nothing to eat at all levels of hunger and thirst!]
But the mystery of the Month of Ramadan in all its facets far transcends the aspect of fasting, it is something very much greater than any biological restriction even if it brings healing and illumination to our now naked self. We become like the infant whose pacifier has been removed, sensitive and vulnerable. At that moment, we can look at pains that we have not seen as the surface of the skin is cleansed. And also spiritual dimensions, faculties and spiritual skills, things that we do not know about ourselves are shown as the treatment go ahead. Therefore, we offer to Love all that we can in this holy time. Allâh has informed us that the main value of every action lies in the heart's intention, so let us never consider what we offer too little if it is with the loving and noble intention of the heart.
If it is not a biological fast, another type of powerful fasting —such as silence— can be followed. The days that we don’t fast can also be replenished later on. Fasting is a private thing between us and our Beloved.
In the Sufi tradition it is said that Hazreti Issa Jesus, peace and blessings upon him, said that there were demons that only fasting can expel from our soul structure.
On the other hand, nutritionists who now recommend fasting are multiplying. The studies show that intermitent fasting regenerate the body's system and organs. The mind has run out of arguments against fasting, but as Sheikh Nur always insisted, only by the Divine Permission can we carry it out and in our case, we fast only for Allâh,
"Fasting is for Me and only I reward it. (Holy Koran)
The Beloved has launched an invitation and the lovers are satisfied with the call, each one from his/her own place, her own spiritual practice, his own degree of dedication, her own degree of remembrance, his own degree of forgetfulness, her own commitment, his own effort, her own love, his own external and internal context ... everyone is present in this navigation. Mashallâh!
We are also informed that on the day of the Resurrection, the month of Ramadan will take on a corporeal form and will bear witness to us, her friends, and the contents of that navigation for our souls; new understandings, expansion of consciousness, greater freedom and tranquility, greater internal space to receive without resistance what life presents us moment to moment. I secretly enjoy imagining that day when we will see a corporeal manifestation of something as unlimited as Ramadan.
We find strength when we eliminate the superfluous. Clarity and joy can strengthen each other in all of us at this time.
Ramadán Mubárak dear companions in the Path of Love!

Selection from Today’s Koran Reading

In Allah's Great Love and Compassion

Lovers of Love,  Peace to your hearts. Presented here are a few ayats chosen from today’s section of Koran, section 3 which is in the Surah 3, Al-i-Imran. May you enjoy them. What strikes me in these first few days of reading and listening to the Koran again is how the revelations given to the Prophet Muhammad, may he be showered in holy peace, were confirming the precious previous revelations. Allah is not just addressing the Prophet Muhammad and his community and their immediate affairs. Allah is revealing Himself as the God of all humanity and is drawing in the sacred lineages of previous Prophets as part of the whole landscape of faith of the one who consciously submits, the muslim, to their Creator and Rabb.  One of the signs of complete submission, and therefore one of the earmarks of a muslim, is the acceptance of the authenticity of all the revealed Traditions and their Prophets. The Way of islam is by necessity a way of universal faith. If it becomes sectarian in any way it is no longer truly islam. Islam is not a culture, or a separate religion. It is simply and purely complete acquiescence and submission to the Truth, to Love, without hesitation, without reservation.


Behold! The angels said: O Mary, your Cherisher gives you wonderful news of a Word from Him. His name will be the Messiah Jesus, the son of Mary, honored in this world and in the Hereafter. And he is one of those nearest….

And Allah will teach him the Book and Wisdom, the Law and the Gospel.

And appoint him as an apostle to the Children of Israel to whom he will speak, “I have come to you with a Sign from your Lord, in that I fashion out of clay the figure of a bird and breathe into it and it becomes a living bird, by Allah’s power and permission. And I heal the blind and the lepers, and I waken the dead, by Allah’s power and permission. And I declare to you what you consume and what you store away in your houses. Truly in this is a Sign to awaken your hearts if you have faith. 

I have come to confirm what was revealed before me in the Torah and also to make permissible part of what was forbidden to you.

I have come with a Sign from your Lord and Cherisher so be in awe of Allah and heed my guidance.

Know that Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So turn to Him in devotion. This is the direct path of truth.


 (The submitted ones will) say, “We believe in Allah and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes. And what was given to Moses, Jesus and the Prophets from their Lord. We make no difference among them and to Allah we offer ourselves in complete submission.”

Surah Al-i-Imran  3   Verses 45, 48-50, 84


More Peace....

I could not leave out these beautiful ayats on Hazreti Maryam which introduce the section on Jesus, may they be both embraced in peace ...
Behold, the angels said,  "O Mary, Allah has chosen you and purified you of all untruth, chosen you above the women of all nations."
"O Mary, worship your Lord and Cherisher with your whole being. Prostrate yourself and bow down with those who bow down."


Happy Birthday Pir Nureddin!

In Allah’s Infinite Mercy and Love

Blessed Ones! Blessed Shaykha Amina al Jerrahi and blessed Circle Guides al Jerrahi and blessed Dervishes al Jerrahi!

Happy Birthday to our Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Head of the Parliament of Saints as Nur called him!
May we, and all the veils and climates of love that come with each of us, be his birthday gifts!
May our love for him and his love for us ever increase!
May he continue transmitting the light to our hearts from his exalted station of nearness!
May we become more and more like him and his beautiful holy mother Amina Taslima… and more like Muzaffer Effendi and Nur al Anwar who are the embodiments of his heart in our time!
May all his prayers be answered and his heart’s desires fulfilled!
May he be ever closer and closer to the Beloved and to the beloved of the Beloved and to all beloveds!
May his Tariqat carry the key to peace for humanity!
He said that his dervishes were not only grapes on the vine, but they were the grapes pressed by the Hand of Love into the wine of love!
May we be that wine for each other and for the world!
May all creation be singing his praises today!

Let us offer his Wird and his Usul and sing his ilahis.

One of his many servants insha’allah,

Fariha Fatima al Jerrahi

Nureddin Jerrahi is alive in me
His pure flame of wisdom
Lights the world of unity
Your sweet intercession is my ecstasy Effendi
Your sweet intercession is my ecstasy
Haqq La ilaha ilallah Hu
La ilaha ilallah!


In the All Bestowing Grace of Rahman and Rahim

Well pleased am I with the All Embracing Source of Love, Creator and Cherisher of all beings.

Well pleased am I with the Way of conscious return, total surrender and complete fulfillment in the loving Source of Being.

Well pleased am I with the hearts of all the Mothers, Prophets and Messengers who bear the single light of Unity manifesting in countless ways and who bring the water of life to thirsty hearts.

Well pleased am I with the Prophet Muhammad, may he be showered in Divine peace and grace, who was a Prophet ‘when the primordial human form was between water and clay’ and who was sent to reveal All-Embracing Mercy and to unveil the truth of Essence within all hearts.

May he, his noble wives and family and companions, and all the magnificent bearers of Truth in every sacred Path be embraced in the perfect union of Love.

Night of Forgiveness

Laylatul Barat

Come lovers come to the Night of Forgiveness, to Laylatul Barat, the sweetest night!

Come come whoever you are even if you have broken your vows a thousand times!

Come come come to the One Who is Love.

Come to the sweet water of life, and let it wash away our wounds and our pains. We are the ones invited by Divine Generosity to ask for forgiveness on this night of nights and to offer forgiveness.

This night is for us.

It is for the ones who have broken their vows and neglected and overslept and eaten and forgotten and became ungrateful and selfish and upset with the gift and were lazy and abusive and greedy and unaware.

This night is for us.

This is the night of return.

This night is for us to take the deepest breath and sigh of relief and remember that our Lord is all loving and forgiving, our Lord is waiting for us, longing for us. And we have only to turn,

Turn and ask,

Turn and be together with the One who loves us and whom we love.

This night is for us.


On this night according to Muzaffer Effendi destinies are inscribed, divine missions are promulgated, books of errors erased, new intentions accepted, spiritual stations assigned, and souls forgiven, forgiven, forgiven and healed and illumined and transformed.

This is a night to be present with our Lord and Lover, whether in community or in our own dwelling.

Tonight in the Dergah al Farah we are offering the 100 rakats that Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi, in his great love and generosity brought us as a gift from our lineage for this night.

Each Circle is offering in their own way. Shaykha Amina and the dervishes of Mexico City are dividing the rekats into two portions, last night 50 and tonight 50. Other Circles, such as that of Baqi Tasleema in Las Vegas, are dividing the 100 rekats among the three nights of the full moon. The Bismillah Circle in Puerto Rico has in the past offered them as three nights.

May all ways be accepted!

Tonight is also the Night of Passover, celebrating the loving Divine protection over the people of Moses, aleyhi salam, during the reign of Pharaoh.

And tomorrow is the solar birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, may he be showered in divine peace and love. We are gathering in the Effendi’s house.

And Sunday is celebrated by the Western Church as the Resurrection of the Spirit of God, Hazreti Issa ibn Maryam, peace be upon them both.

Peace be upon all the Communities of Love!

And may the victory of Love shine forth in all the hearts on earth and in the heavens!

O My servants who have transgressed against the innate nobility of your own souls, never doubt the astonishing Mercy of Allah Most High, Who can forgive and erase every negation and distortion. He is ceaselessly forgiving, infinitely merciful.  39:53

Three Full Moon Nights of Shaban


Beloved Circle Guides and Dervishes

The fullness of the moon we see tonight indicates the first of the three nights in which the Prophet Muhammad may he be showered in peace, prayed intensely for Allah to forgive humanity.

In the full moon of love shining from the heart of the Prophet for us.


Raining Grace in the Month of Shaban

In Allah's Great Love and Ever Increasing Love

Dear and precious Circle Guides and Dervishes

Blessed Shaban!
The month of the Prophet of love entered in last Friday at sunset according to most accounts.

Already miracles have happened. Our beloved sister Bismillah of the Puerto RIco circle came out of her coma within a day of the beginning of the month. Interestingly, she entered in on the night of the Miraj.

May our eyes of the heart open to see the downpour of grace from our Beloved and the sprouting of the seeds within the hearts and minds and bodies and the blossoming of new flowers of the spirit.
May our hearts open to greater love and nearness to the beloved of Allah and the pearl of the universe, saws, and his beautiful family, and to all the beloveds of Allah among the messengers and mothers and prophets and the lovers and mystics and the followers and the peace makers and those who are seeking and those who are destitute and those who are crying for help and those who are crying for love and the children and the elders and the sick and the impoverished and those astray.  May our love and gratitude ever increase for our Beloved and for each other.

Blessed Shaban!
Fariha Fatima Nur

Ansari and the One Hundred Fields


Dearest Shaykha Amina, Circle Guides and Dervishes,

Already for some time my heart has felt heavy about the work with the 100 Fields of Shaykh Ansari, ra, and the way I am approaching it.

The feedback from a few of you is enthusiastic about the study and from others less than enthusiastic. Others do not even read the letters at all. I know that in every project there is some attrition so I would not expect everyone to continue applying themself to the study. But I can sense when there is a more widespread lagging of interest. And then I begin to wonder whether this is the right direction to be moving.

Part of the problem comes from not having kept up a rhythm of sending the Makams out. Without a rhythm we lose interest. Also, I did not follow Shaykha Amina’s good example of asking for a commitment from whoever was interested in the study to actually apply themselves to it daily.

But I think there is also a deeper problem in the way the 100 Fields are analyzed by the Shaykh. The tone and method feel foreign to most of us. There is a strong element of Scholasticism that our contemporary culture is not drawn to. Scholasticism is the logical dissection of a subject that was practiced by Aristotle, and then later by Christian philosophers in Europe in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It is interesting to note that Ansari was born in the early eleventh century. So there seems to have been a widespread tendency toward classification and analysis in both the Christian and Islamic spheres. After the bursting forth of prophecy thru the heart of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and the early movements of Sufism running in his footsteps, there appeared around the tenth and eleventh century a desire to record and organize the large body of knowledge that had been gathering for four centuries through the direct experiences of the mystics and followers. So we find many works on Sufi concepts and terminology and studies of the stages of the Sufi path by the mystics themselves. These are immensely precious palaces of knowledge in the brilliant city of the Prophet Muhammad’s knowledge that we have the great privilege to explore and to nourish ourselves from.

Today we seem to be gifted, by Allah’s immense grace, with the ability to imbibe the knowledge through our pores and to move quickly. We are the children of the mystics and Allah has blessed us with a new freedom and a new responsibility. We are entering a cycle in which we again desire direct experience, without excessive structure. Many of us grew up with Thoreau as a model of living life freshly and apart from social conventions.  Walt Whitman played the beautiful music of the earthly soul. Native American holy people, Quakers and mystics who took shelter in this land, all planted the seeds of the new heaven and the new earth. Science taught us to look with our senses and to draw fresh conclusions. Art made us expressive, spontaneous and trusting of what was within. Music brought us to dance freely on the earth. A few lines of Attar formed in the sky and we looked up. Rumi appeared, and we became bewildered and set out on the path of seeking God in human form. Effendi came to us and we drank the eternal wine and confirmed the pre-eternal promise to Love. Nur painted with Muhammadan words of light the cosmic drama of love unfolding in the seven earths and seven heavens and then drew up the curtain. We are once again in the unchartered lands of the early days of Sufism. Effendi and Shaykh Nur and Nureddin Jerrahi and Mevlana are the guides of our drunken boat. Ibn Arabi is the North Star. Fatima and Prophet Muhammd, Mary and Jesus, Moses and Buddha, White Buffalo Calf Woman and Krishna, peace be upon them all, are our Imams, our islands of refuge, our rivers of knowledge and delight, our holy places of prayer. Each of us contains the whole creation. Each of us has been entrusted the Amana from Allah. Each of us is the way, but we have no way without each other. So we have found our ways through each other in the great Caravan of love and bewilderment, paying the price of the journey with our limited self.

Recognizing this birthright of the new humanity, it becomes paradoxical to pour the new wine into old bottles. Yet we still need a bottle for the wine. So I would like to re-consider the 100 Fields of Ansari in this new light, looking at ways in which to bring in Shaykh Nur, possibly looking for the 100 Fields within Shaykh Nur’s writings, and bring that as fresh water to the somewhat dry earth of the Sad Madyan.

Heart in heart in the One Heart

Fariha Fatima Nur

Habiba Ashki in Boulder is working on inspired contemplations on the verses of our Ansari ilahi transmuted by Shaykh Nur, the Mystic Guide.

I am sure she would like to share her work with you if you write to her.