Muzaffer Effendi’s Urs Day and the first day of Rajab

In the Beautiful and Intimate Power of Love

Peace and Blessings upon all of you on this day and all to follow. May the latter days be better for you than the former. May our Lord and Lover give us until we are well pleased. May the days of the new humanity unfold, each more astonishing.

Congratulations on the first day of the month of Rajab, called the Month of Allah for its abundance of mercy and forgiveness. It is also the gate to the Ramadan. And may boundless blessings shower upon you for this day of Muzaffer Effendi's Urs. He passed at 2 AM in the morning on the 13th of February, so we can honor his Urs either on the 12 or the 13th. Both partake of the blessing of his transition into the Realm of Beauty, as sad as it was for those on earth who felt bereft of the ocean of his presence.

Because of the exact overlap of Effendi's Urs with the beginning of Rajab - which is a brilliant sign of divine Mercy - i would like for us to dedicate this Month to him. Singing his ilahis, reading passages from his books (we will send a list of them in English), dedicating zikrullah and Koranic readings to him, offering the Wirds and Salawats. Please be in touch with your Circle Guides for the details of what you could each offer.

Also for today i would like for us to dedicate recitation of La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah to him, with a few Salawats, and also the Tasbih Ya Aziz which is his inner divine Name. We offered 165 Ya Aziz last night in our Meshk, but any amount you offer, such as 11, 33,101,165 is good. Please be in touch with your Circle Guides.

[Please offer a Fatiha for Mehlika Sultan]

Alahamdulillah! May Allah's blessings pour upon the beloved Effendi and upon all of us and upon all beings!
In the living, breathing, hearing and seeing heart of HU.

Fariha Fatima

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