Happy Wisdom Mother Day!


Blessings, blessings, blessings!

Blessings on each of you dear mothers and dear fathers of our mother/father lineage of Allah!

We love you and we cherish you!

Blessings on all humanity who come from a Mother, except for Adam and Eve who came from the Mother Source!

Blessings on the essence of mother who is the vessel for humanity and for many living beings.

And blessings on her actual form as she is in the world….

The beautiful face of Divine Beauty

The Inspirer

The Muse

Pregnant and

giving birth and

holding in her arms and

smiling down and

feeding from her breast and

praying and

worrying and

nurturing and

caring and

singing and

praying and

sighing and

soothing fears and

counseling and

arguing and

weeping and

gathering and

cooking and

feeding and

praying and

cleaning and

dressing and

driving and

working and

envisioning and

praying and

worrying and

watching and

worrying and

weeping and

laughing and

singing and

playing and

praying and

envisioning and

writing and

painting and

weaving and

singing and

dancing and

planting and

growing and

protecting and

connecting and

overseeing and

sitting and

trusting and

imagining and

blessing and

trusting and

lying down and

praying and

breathing and

expiring and

returning to her Lord

In that great love in the Essence Mother of all of us

Fariha Fatima Nur


The Wisdom Mother. Sophia. Who brings divine guidance and carries a torch of light. The mother directly connected to the Essence Mother. The one who is not ceding to convention and sees through the stratagems of the limited mind. She does not get embroiled in false arguments. She is the one who carries the responsibility for preserving humanity which can only be done by seeing the divine light of humanity and protecting that. This is her role as wisdom mother. She will stand fiercely for the truth. She defends the weak and oppressed and discarded. She sweeps away the cobweb structures of false gods, such as economic and social status and racism and arrogance and pride.
She strides nobly on the path of Truth opening her arms to all who have a longing for Truth. She sings the ancient song of Divine Love. She is the one within.
Fariha Fatima Nur

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