Blessed Muharram Blessed Roshashana


Beloved Shaykha Amina, Murshids, Circle Guides and Dervishes!
Blessed Muharraham and Blessed Roshashana and Blessed Beginning of Every Cycle of time sacred to humanity.

O God we turn to You as our only God.
We have no other God but You.
There is no God but You.
We have no one to ask but You, no one to turn to who can relieve us of our heavy hearts and erase our errors.
You alone have the power and the love.
You alone have being.
Estaghfirullah! Estaghfirullah! Estaghfirullah!
Please forgive us and erase our errors.
We are Your lowly ones returning to Your door of Mercy.
Please heal our heart. Heal our soul. Heal our body. Heal our mind.
You are the Healer. Ya Shafi!

You created us in Your love.
Please keep us in Your house of love.
You created us with Your light and the light of Your beloved Muhammad, saws.
Make us light! Keep us in his light!
Keep us singing his praises.

O Allah, let us not attend to other than You.
Let us see you in everything and before everything.
Let us do only what is pleasing to You.
Let us not fall into the illusion of a world or a life that exists apart from You.
For if it is apart from You it is unreal and destitute.

Please Allah, help us!
Our God, our Helper, our Healer, our Guide, our Support, our Master.

Do not leave us in this state.
Do not leave us with our selves.
Please take our hand and guide our heart.
Open our eyes.
Look through our eyes
We give You our eyes
We give You our hearts
We give You our minds
We give You our bodies

Please do not let us be satisfied with anything but You for that is unhappiness and illness.
Please do not let us be absorbed by the world.
Please let us be absorbed only by You, fit only for You, enjoying only You, seeking only Your pleasure.
Without You we are sick and non-existent.

Please, our Lord, heal our hearts, heal our bodies, heal our minds, heal our lives.

Please make us Your servants
Servants of Love
Servants of Rahman, servants of Rahim
Servants of Nur
Servants of Aziz
Servants of Latif
Servants of Fatima
Servants of Khadija
Servants of Maryam and Issa, aleyhi salam
Servants of Ali
Servants of Hasan and Huseyn, as

Servants of the Servants
Servants of the supreme Servant, saws
Servants of You

Please release us from domination by our limited selves
Please let us be victorious over our limited selves
Free us free us!
Bind us bind us!
With the bond that is everlasting, the bond of Your pre-eternal love and care for us.

Only in Your Gaze can we survive, can we be happy
Place us now in Your eternity
Take us, absorb us, consume us
Let there be no other for us
Calamity is distance from You, forgetting You and imagining we are independent of You
Happiness is nearness to You and complete, conscious dependence on You

Forgive us, take us, guide us, hold us, absorb us, consume us
Remove separation and independence from us.

Submission, submission, submission
is our luminous Way cries Shaykh Nur

Submission is our Way
Love is our Truth
Hu is our Reality
Quran, the four holy Books, the 100 Pages, all revealed texts and the Mother of the Book is our sacred Scripture
Muhammad, saws, is our Master
The Prophets and Mothers, peace be upon them all, are our models and inspiration
Ali, Fatima, Maryam and Khadija, peace be upon each of them, are our Guides
Imam Huseyn is our Secret
Gabriel is our Spirit
Hazreti Pir, Amina Taslima, Ashki Aziz Effendi, Nur al Anwar are our living Vine that keeps us spiritually alive and our Sakis who intoxicate us
Our family and community is our love-bed
Humanity is our self
Creation is our mirror

Out of our great need comes great relief.
We turn to You, we ask of You, we rely on You

After every hardship and trial comes ease and satisfaction, after every hardship and trial comes ease and satisfaction.
Quran Inshirah, 94:5-6

May our new year be a new station, an ever-renewed state of You and Your Pleasure
May our new year be You
May our new year be the best for us and for humanity and creation

May immense blessings, uncountable blessings flow to each of you, your families, our community, all communities of heart, humanity, creation!

May immense and uncountable blessings flow upon our guides Muzaffer Effendi, ra, Nur Effendi, ra, Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, ra, Mother Amina Taslima, ra, and all of the saints of love and knowledge who inspire us and protect us!

Blessed Muharram. Blessed renewed sacred cycle of Love Manifest!

Farah Fatima Nur

O you faithful ones!
Be in profound love and awe of Allah.
And let every soul be aware of what she is storing up for tomorrow through her actions.
Be in loving awe and awareness of Allah
For Allah is lovingly Aware of all that you are doing, even the smallest movements of the heart.    
 Quran Hashr 59:18

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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