Happy Birthday Beloved of Allah!


The sign written on his magnificent heart is Love, Rahman.
Love to Allah, Love to the Beloved of Allah, Love to Humanity and to all Creatures.
He is the powerful and gentle, the exalted and lowly, the manifest and the subtle.

In his presence you are eternal, you die the little death and are revived in eternity. In his presence you are with Allah and His beloved. In his presence you are with humanity. In his presence you are with the Mother and with the Father and with the Child. In his presence your cells dissolve and become Love. In his presence you burn as the lovers burn. In his presence you are ecstatically happy, you weep, you praise, you seek, you put your forehead on the ground, you submit to Love, you speak with the tongue of Love, you become a river of love in the endless ocean of Love. In his presence you become a mystery and a solver of mysteries. You become a friend. You become a mother for the creatures. A guide and a father.

He is our guide, he is our friend, he is our protector in Allah.
He is the tent pole of creation in this time.
Seek him. Seek protection and intercession through him. Seek your desire for Allah and Allah’s beloved in his gaze.

He is last of the great sultans of the Ottoman Sufi Lineage who came to the West to find his beloved friend and to plant the royal seed of love in his heart and in the hearts of all the lovers of Love. So the great Tree of Love sheltering all beings could continue growing in the hearts and in the universe. And true human civilization could flourish for another thousand years or more.

He is the slave of the slave of Allah. He demonstrates the way of lowliness and fana and disappearance in the Beloved.

He is Muzaffer Ashki, the lover of Love who is Love.
Find him. He is with you.

Fariha al Ashki

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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