Ya Nur!


Beloved Community,

Blessed Urs of Shaykh Nur al Anwar, may he be embraced in Divine Mercy and be an eternal transmitter of Divine Mercy.

A few days ago I came across a dream that I had written down around 2014. In the dream Nur was speaking in a language that was not immediately comprehensible. It was a language of universal knowledge, and he was embodying all of the words of a universal gnostic dictionary. Then in the dream it was said that he was the saint of the Americas.

I would like to make a few comments about the quotation selections on Facebook from the Dergah al Farah and from the Dergah Maria de la Luz in Mexico City. Both were posted independently and yet both point to the Presence that is here, always accessible, always merciful and welcoming.
Paradise Presence has no borders and is open to enter.
Spiritual plenitude is always here available to us.
We need not wait for human evolution or some more perfect condition in the world to realize them. This is a crucial realization for humanity. The Merciful One is not distant or difficult to reach. The government we have or the events in the world do not impede us from realizing spiritual plenitude. And spiritual plenitude and paradise consciousness are what will transform hearts and eventually an entire society. If we focus excessively on the conditions around us allowing them to deceive us into thinking that we have to perfect them before we can realize who we are, or before we can open to the infinite spiritual bounty of Allah, then we have lost the vision of the Ever Present.
Another way in which we become detoured is to think that we can only be with Allah at the end of a long spiritual path...that we must become perfect before we can be with Allah. The truth that Shaykh Nur embodied and radiated is that the Beloved is here now with us, among us, as us.
And he made it clear that spiritual realization is open to all human beings. It is not reserved for a special few. The truth is for all. The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, came as a mercy for all the worlds, for every heart. In his life Nur made it very clear that everyone has the capacity to realize the truth.
May we live and demonstrate this great truth...while perfecting ourselves in the bosom of the Beloved and following our path within the pathless ocean of Mercy.

Ya Nur! Ya Ashki! Ya Latif!
Ya Hu!


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