Congratulations on your Ramadan! May every breath and every step you took in this month be blessing for you and for the creatures living on the earth.

May every moment of hunger and thirst you experienced bring harvests of food and streams of refreshment for all those who are hungry and thirsty in the earth.

May every letter and ayat of Koran you read be keys opening doors to the treasure house of divine infinite knowledge.

May this knowledge pour into the hearts on earth transforming hearts and minds.

May every salat you offered help the human soul on its way to becoming a sincere servant and an insan kamil.

May every zikrullah you chanted set the world into a higher vibration, whirling and praising its Lord.

May every sadaqa of caritas you offered open doors of generosity in human consciousness.

May every kind action or thought that came from you in this month be multiplied in your favor with the mathematics of divine generosity, thousand, thousand fold.

May every feeling of repentance become shifa, intercession, for humanity.

May every tear from your eye and heart initiate a flood of love, lifting the human family into the floodtide of Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

May your hearts be glad and your bodies strong and your intentions clear.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aleymin!

May the peace and gentle power of the Night of Power, shining thru the 29 facets of the Ramadan nights, shower in our hearts eternally!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

Bismillahirahmanirahim Peace to your hearts beloved Guides and Lovers, This great day dawns, the birth day of the Nur Muhammad in human form as the Messenger of Mercy and the Prophet of Love to all…

Ya Imam Huseyn and the Martyrs of Karbala, Ya Ashura!

Bismillahirahmanirahim Beloveds on the Path of Love Peace to your hearts on this day of Karbala and this day of Ashura when the Prophets, the Mothers and their Communities received the abounding Grace of Allah….

Ya Imam Huseyn!

Bismillahirahmanirahim Peace to your hearts and blessed New Year to each of You We are now in the first ten days of Muharram, the first month of the new year in the Koranic calendar. These…

Blessed Hajj!

O Hajj. What will explain the Hajj? In truth our life is the Hajj. Our striving, our struggles and our pain are the roads to the Kaaba. Our calling out to the Merciful One is…

Our Prayers

Bismillahirahmanirahim Beloved Community, Our prayers in these last days of Ramadan are very powerful through the Grace of the Beloved. Please let us pray for the Palestinians and the Israelis, all of them. It is…

Meditation for last days of the Ramadan

BISMILLAHIRAHMANIRAHIM Peace to your beautiful hearts O beloveds, hearts made even more shining through the gentle power of this glorious month of Ramadan. We have mentioned that the latter days of Ramadan are wonderful times…

Blessed Mothers Day!

In the All Embracing and Sustaining Holy Womb of Love HAPPY MOTHERS DAY BELOVED COMMUNITY Bless your mother hearts! Bless your loving care and acts of loving kindness Bless your joy Bless your sadness Bless…

Final Ten Days

Bismillahirahmanirahim Beloved Community Peace to your hearts, bodies, minds and souls. Beginning with sunset last night we have entered the last ten days of the glorious Ramadan. May we feel gratitude flowing in every cell…