Blessed Ramadan!

In Allah’s All Embracing Compassion and Love

Blessed Dervishes and Circle Guides,

May we welcome the Ramadan into our hearts.

Merhaba Ya Ramadan Kerim! Welcome O beautiful and generous Ramadan! May Your blessings and gifts pour into our souls, hearts and bodies! May we never become sated and never become unconscious of the generosity of our Beloved. May our hearts be ever-longing.

Merhaba Ya Koran Kerim! Welcome O Generous Koran! May your mysteries be revealed in our hearts! May your precious ayats guide us to the Nearer than Near! May your holy letters adorn our consciousness! More your inner meaning guide our lives.

Merhaba Ya Jabal Nur! Welcome O mount and cave of revelation! May we enter your embrace in holy retreat, seeking nearness in Love and union in Revelation.

Merhaba Ya Laylatul Qadir! Welcome O Majestic Night of Power! May you shine in our souls! May your essence be our essence! May your good tidings for all beings be revealed to all beings!

Merhaba Ya Tarawih! Welcome O noble Tarawih Salat! May the dervish lovers gather in the prayer lines of Divine energy, bodies strong, minds clear, hearts open to the flow of revelation. May the Koran be chanted in the beautiful tones of love. May our bowing and our prostrations be accepted by the Sultan of Love!

Merhaba Ya Saum! Welcome O blessed fast! May our bodies welcome the fast as healing, purification and clarification. May our bodies find peace in the fast, and may it be easy for us. May we offer of the fast what we are able, not deceiving our selves and not coercing our selves. Whatever small fasting sacrifice we offer may it be only for the sake of Allah.

Merhaba Ya Ummat! Welcome O Wonderful Community of Allah’s Heart! This month of Ramadan is for us. We are the vessel of Divine Revelation and Divine Generosity. We are the living Koran and the holy Hadiths. We are the hearing, the seeing and the moving of the Beloved. We are the forgiven and the forgiving. And we reveal each other in our mutual companionship.

Please gather together often. Do not hesitate to come because you are not fasting or praying at home. You will receive the fasting and prayers of your companions. And in return you will give them the great gifts from your heart. Allah has chosen you in pre-eternity and revealed unique secrets in you that no one else in creation has received. Come to know yourself in the mirror of the heart of sacred community.
Ramadan is the gathering and the mutual mirroring of our divine humanity

Merhaba Ya Rasulallah, sallallahu aleyhi wa salam! Welcome O beloved Messenger of Allah! Welcome into our hearts! Welcome Crescent Moon of Divine Origination and Full Moon of Divine Peace!
Welcome Welcome!

The Beloved says of him:

“We have sent among you an Apostle of your own, rehearsing to you Our revelations and sanctifying you in Our love, and instructing you in Scripture and Wisdom and New Knowledge.
So with his loving support, remember Me and praise Me constantly, and you will find Me remembering you and praising you. Remain always grateful to Me and never turn away or imagine that you can hide from Me.”
Koran 2:151-152

Offer beautiful Salawats and praise to the noble soul of Muhammad, and all creation will be blessed.

Ramadan Mubarak to each of you! Ramadan Mubarak to all humanity and to all creation!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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