Turn the Other Cheek


Jesus the Beloved, peace be upon him, is the guide of Tariqat. We follow him and his blessed mother Maryam, aleyhi salam, on the journey of love back into the Source of Love.

To follow love we must allow our self to be stripped and denuded of all but our essence, by the buffeting breezes of love. This is the way of Hazreti Mevlana, Hazreti Nur, Hazreti Effendi, may their secrets be sanctified. As we receive the slaps of the Beloved, appearing in the form of earthly insults and trials, we turn our other cheek. This is the teaching of the Master Jesus, aleyhi salam. Turning our other cheek signifies that we know from where the buffets are coming, and we trust that One to give us only good, to give us Himself, Herself. So we turn our other cheek to receive what that One desires to send us of Himself, of Herself, of the Good.

As beloved Shaykh Nur proclaims, “Expose yourself to Love,” offer no resistance to Love, become nothing as we truly are. The caravan of love is a journey to the Essence, where ego never was. “Colorless and traceless I am,” Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi.

We are clinging and grasping to phenomena, imagining that is us, not seeing that we are held in the tightest embrace, eternal unity of the One in Itself.

May we all return into Essence, which we have never left!

Blessed be the Master of the entire Caravan of return, the beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family and successors and upon all the beloved Messengers, Mothers and Prophets of Allah!

Heart in heart in the Essence of Love

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