Our Blessed Circles of Zikrullah!

Peace to your hearts on this Juma'a Friday in the passion cycle of the beloved Jesus and Mary, may they be raised to the highest degrees of Divine love.

In this holy time our blessed circles of zikrullah are illumined by the compassionate glances of the Beloved.

Our zikr circles are structures of Divine goodness
They are -
Light fields, vision fields
Love vortexes
Compassion galaxies
Clouds of mercy
Bliss flowers
Waterfalls of transformation
Rain showers of cleansing
Channels of revelation
Moments of realization
Shelters of grace
Refuge for hearts
Food and drink for the hungry and thirsty
Friendship banquets
Ouds, settars and neys in the hands of the Pirs tuning hearts
Invitation to whirl
Invitation to union
Pavilions of beauty
Chamber of the Beloved
Rivers of milk, honey, water and wine
Cups of joy
Vials of healing
Helping hands
Bodies, hearts and minds in harmony
Hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing, not knowing, being.

How blessed we are! This banquet of Allah is for all lovers of love. Please invite your friends to the feast of zikrullah!


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