O Ya Sin

In Allah’s Infinite Expansion of Love

A new understanding of the first six ayats of Surah Ya Sin.

I vow by My glorious Essence
That your majestic heart, O Ya Sin,
Is the shrine of My burning love,
And My love is My yearning for My Self,
And your vast soul is the mirror of My beautiful reflection.
And you are the trustworthy pen of My wisdom,
I vow that you are from Me
And you are guided by Me,
And you bear my supreme revelations
Of beauty and glory
Which emanate from Me ceaselessly.
Please transmit them faithfully to humanity,
Who might otherwise remain unaware.

O beloveds, this revelation was addressed to the one nearest to the Essence, the beloved and entrusted Muhammad, may he be showered in the most beautiful love and embraced in the most tender union. It was given to him outwardly because he is the one most able to convey the message faithfully to humanity without the slightest alteration or faltering. For this is the supreme message addressed to humanity, to each heart, to your heart, to my heart, to our collective heart. Ya Sin is the human heart and Allah is revealing to the heart its origin and its crowning place in creation. Allah is confirming that our heart is divine - it is the sacred niche for Allah’s wondrous ceaseless drama of love where lover and Beloved are both Allah.

May we intend to be present and awake to this great love and to the majestic revelations of the Beloved every day of our life.

Fariha Fatima

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