Day of Arafat

Blessed Day of Arafat,
Blessed Yom Kippur,
Blessed hearts turning to Allah, named in countless beautiful ways,
Allah reaching to humanity,
Humanity reaching to Allah
Praying, fasting, ascending the mountain, descending from the mountain, retreating in the caves, traveling in the deserts, praying in the gardens, in the forests, gathering in temples and mosques and churches and longhouses and circles
Receiving grace
Crowned in light
On fire with love
Revelations, visions, inspirations
Our prophets, our messengers, our mothers, ourselves, each other
Our hands Allah’s Hands
Feeding the hungry
Clothing the naked
Here, in eternity
As One

Blessed Muhammad,
Your life is our life, your way is our way,
You walk the path of peace
May you and your beautiful family, the ahli bayt and humanity and all beings, be showered in Allah’s Peace.

Ya Hazreti Pir, master of both worlds,
Take us with you on your mystic flight to Arafat
Take us to the beloved of Allah!

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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