Night of Forgiveness and Mercy Shaban 15th

In Allah's All Embracing Mercy and Love

Tonight may the full moon of Shaban radiate such a peace in your hearts that never diminishes and always increases, drawing all into the light.
Tonight is the night for prayer and supplication, for zikr and mevlud, and for salawats to the beloved of Allah.

One hundred rekats of salat, with one Fatiha and one surah Ichlas in each, is what is recommended, together with zikr, supplication and salawat. If 100 rakats is too much then offer 20, or offer whatever you are capable of.

Below are the pages from Irshad in which the beloved Muzaffer Effendi, may he be immersed in divine love, recounts the power of the 15th of Shaban.

It is recommended to fast on the 15th, which is tomorrow. If you are not up to making the physical fast, then fast from all judgment and negative thinking, about yourself and others. Fast from any mental whispering. Fast from your mind. Fast from your emotions. Fast from reacting to events, except with Alhamdulillah! Fast from thinking of your self as a physical body. Fast from any sense of separate self. Fast from thinking you are the doer of your actions. Fast from thinking that you are the cause of anything.

The Night of Forgiveness and Mercy

“Ha Mim. By Our Exalted Revelations which clarify the meaning and nature of all beings and all matters in creation! We have sent Our Forgiveness down on a blessed Night - and indeed We are ever teaching, guiding and warning – on a night in which every wise command and event is clarified.”

Tonight, o companions, may we prostrate before the All-Forgiving One in the garden of Baqi with the beloved Muhammad and his family, may Allah’s sublime peace and forgiveness flood their hearts
Tonight, may we all be forgiven for their sake, and may every trace of error be erased from our souls
May our most ingrained bad habits be uprooted
May the rooms where we have stored our despair and fears be opened and aired in Allah’s infinite Mercy
May the light of faith be renewed in our hearts
May our aspirations be accepted and may we be adorned with even more beautiful aspirations
May our failures be overlooked
May our names be written on the tablets of Nearness
May we be included in the mystic body of the Friends of Love, together with Nureddin Jerrahi, Muzaffer Effendi, Nur al Anwar, all those we love
May our bodies and minds be gracious, strong and supple
May we walk humbly on the earth and may we prostrate on the earth in remembrance of Love
May our tears of love make the earth and the hearts flourish
May the servants of Love be forgiven and forgive each other
May the servants of Love assist each other and witness the truth in each other
May the servants of Love cease fighting with each other and fight instead the inner battle of light
May the servants of Love join together in the great circles of praise and celebrations of the One
May the servants of Love see the One wherever they gaze
May all good come to us in the coming year
May all evil and calamity be averted
May all beings be happy, inspired and fulfilled
May the water of Zem Zem and the wells quenching the thirst of humanity in every sacred path overflow
May humanity be embraced and rejoice in Allah’s eternal Pleasure

Tonight may we prostrate, may we weep, may we seek, may we pray, may we bless and send peace, may we turn, may we return, may we be accepted, may we find, may we know, may we not know, may we disappear from all that is not Real.
“O people of Yathrib, return! Leave all states and stations, Names and attributes, and return to the One.”

Fariha Fatima al Jerrahi al Ashki al Nur

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