The Great Full Moon Nights of the 13, 14, and 15 of Shaban

Dearest lovers of Truth

May Allah most Near embrace you in thousandfold love

The great full moon nights of the 13, 14, and 15 of Shaban are here, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

Blessed Sheyk Muzaffer in Irshad, conveys the words of the Prophet Muhammad, may the divine splendor radiate from him always, regarding these nights. It was on the 13th night of Shaban that the angel Gabriel came to our Prophet from Allah most High, requesting him to rise in order to keep vigil and pray for the intercession of his cherished community. On this night Divine Mercy is outpouring and his prayers would be answered. So he rose and prayed throughout the night. At dawn the noble Gabriel came to inform him that he was granted one third of his community. He wept as he sought to find out the state of the rest. Gabriel, may divine peace be upon him, said that he could not answer him. The following night, the angel again appeared to him and told him to rise and pray as Allah's Mercy was overflowing. His tender heart, full of the love for his community, pleaded with his Lord for the guidance and enlightenment of humanity. At dawn, Gabriel returned to inform him that another third of his community was accepted into the Divine Pleasure. Still the heart of the Prophet was not content. On the third night, the 15th of Shaban, Gabriel appeared to him and said "Arise O Messenger of Allah! This is the night of Absolution, of complete forgiveness and mercy for all beings. Pray for your community." The Prophet of love entered the state of intimate communion and begged ardently from the Lord of love for the forgiveness and guidance of humanity. At dawn the blessed messenger angel reappeared and gave him the overwhelming news of Allah's great pleasure. All of his community was granted to him. He was then asked to gaze into the heavens and there he witnessed the astounding vision of all angelic beings in the seven heavens giving the good news to humanity and to those who offered either zikrullah or salat or prayer or contemplation or tears of love or recitation of Koran on this night. Thereupon Muhammad, may Allah's divine pleasure and peace shower eternally upon him, returned to his community and urged them always to pray and remember Allah on this special night. He who is the truthful tells us who are his community that Allah will surely forgive us and answer our prayers on this night. We have only to turn and to ask. This is one of the nights of power, so let us be awake in it. Let us be present in our heart. Let us offer whatever we are able to offer to Allah on this night. Traditionally the community is led in 100 rakats of salat, with one fatiha and one short sura or ayat in each standing portion. One could even break up the 100 into two or three portions so that one can rest for a moment or refresh oneself with water or tea. It is possible to offer fewer rakats, such as twenty or forty. Also on this night the wird would be a blessing, either the evening or morning one. Or one could offer a seated zikr with more tasbih. One could read from the Heart of Koran. All sincere offerings are pleasing to Allah. It is also common to fast on either the day before or the day after the 15th.

In our prayers tonight let us ask Allah the Generous for what the Prophet asked, for all beings. May we follow in his magnificent way of sublime generosity, pristine consiousness, and intimate union.

O Allah Who is Love please open the gates of Your awesome Mercy for us and for the family of creation tonight. Answer our prayers as You answered the prayers of Your beloved. Make us also Your beloveds. Please give all of us the worship that You desire. And please grant humanity the blessed destiny to realize itself completely in Your mystic Essence and beautiful Names. Grant humanity to know itself as the khalifatullah, Your own secret treasure. May humanity be completely released from the anxiety of illusion in which it sees itself as separate from You and which leads it into negativity. We ask this in Your greatest Name and for the sake of Muhammad through whom You answer all supplication, may You fill him with Your divine pleasure, and shower your peace upon all of his noble family and companions throughout time.

May you have the most blessed Night of Mercy.

Shayka Fariha

Ya Nur Muhammadi sallallahu aleyhi wa sellim

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