Immersion in Allah


Beloved Companions,

Blessed Ramadan! Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kerim!

I want to share with you a hadith from the 101 Diamonds which we opened to last evening in our communal gathering on the threshold of the Ramadan. It feels particularly relevant to this month.

Nur gave it the title,

 I Will Protect You From the Fear of Poverty  

Hadith 39

Muhammad the Messenger, may Divine Peace embrace him, once conveyed these words directly from Allah Most High:

O children of Adam, give your entire being to the worship of Me. I will fill your heart with riches, and I will protect you from the fear of poverty. If you do not immerse your being completely in Me, I will fill your hands with the vain labors that can never protect you from the fear of poverty.

This hadith comes from the transmission of the intimate companion Abu Hurayra, may Allah be pleased with him.

Allah calls us in the Ramadan to immerse our self entirely in Allah’s Self.  This is why we fast, this is why we read Quran, this is why we give Sadaqa, this is why we praise Allah through our tasbih. Continuous worship cannot come from Salat or reading Quran or Sadaqa as we cannot do those continuously, although they help to open our heart to continuous immersion. The fast is closer to complete immersion as the fast itself is a form of continuous worship. But we only fast half of the time and we can also become accustomed to the fast. Tasbih is the closest. Tasbih and gratitude. Through the tasbih which Hazreti Pir has given us we strive to come to continuous remembrance of Allah. We attain to consciousness of Allah and praise of Allah with our whole being. Tasbih brings peace and joy to the heart. And gratitude wells up from the heart. And then Allah gives us more. For when we are grateful Allah rewards us with more. And the riches are bestowed. “I will fill your heart with riches.”

Cultivate continuous presence with Allah and Allah will be present with you.

Cultivate continuous gratitude, which is a state of the heart, and you will find Allah present with you and grateful to you. Strive not to complain within your self. For when we are in a state of complaint, however subtle, we veil our self from Allah. Although we can complain directly to Allah, for that is a form of prayer. But the indwelling mind of complaint and judgment is a state of separation.

“Praise Me and I will praise you. Be grateful to Me and turn not away from Me.”

Cultivate consciousness of your moments, and know that every moment is a gift from the Beloved. Bring your focus to the present. Dwell neither on the past or the future. Be present with Allah and grateful to Allah.

This is the month of our Lord, Lord of all the worlds and Lover of all the hearts.


The Glorious Ramadan


Beloved Companions,

The glorious month of Ramadan enters tonite at sunset.  May it be the best Ramadan ever for each of us and for all of us as the Community of Nur Ashki Jerrahis, as the Ummat of Rasulallah, saws, and as members of the sacred human family

Allah the All Merciful showers Mercy upon all beings during the Ramadan whether they are aware or unaware. The gates of the fire of essential negativity are shut, the negative energies are chained and the gates of Mercy are open wide. Anyone who seeks forgiveness and guidance is forgiven and guided. Anyone who asks is answered. Anyone who desires is fulfilled. Allah runs to us. Allah embraces us. And the Beloved shares intimacy with those who desire intimacy.

Fasting is prescribed in the month of Ramadan for those who are at home and not in ill health.

What are the blessings of the fast?

It is a means for opening doors of knowledge that we would not attain except through great difficulty, if at all. It takes us immediately to Allah. “The fast is for Me.” It moves us from independence to dependence on Allah. It takes us to our root of absolute servanthood. It removes our arrogance and pride. It helps us to be grateful for all of the super abundance of blessings which Allah continuously pours upon us and of which we are normally unaware and ungrateful for. It moves us from distraction to focus. It moves us from distance to nearness. It moves us from body to spirit. It refines us and clarifies us. It beautifies us. It protects us from the fire of our own negativity and from dangers without. It clears out the year’s accumulation of veils and heaviness and helps to eliminate blockages that we have had in our body and souls for years and even generations. It brings health and healing to our bodies and extends our lives. It blesses us and our households and neighbors and our parents and ancestors. It blesses the earth.

Imagine the potential blessing of one billion people fasting for a month. All these and many more are realized through the fast.

And yet, as powerful as the fast is, the Ramadan is not just constituted by the fast. The original blessing of the Ramadan is the Quran, embodying the knowledge, both outer and inner mystical knowledge, and true guidance for human beings. The Quran is the form in words and sound and meaning of the original heart, soul and intellect of Rasulallah, saws, and therefore of each of us who are created on the original pattern, the manifest essence of Allah.

The Ramadan is the month in which the blessed Quran originally descended from its exalted station of Essence to the heart and conscience of Muhammad, salallahu aleyhi wa sellim. Or we can say that it was revealed from within the Nur Muhammad and descended to the earthly consciousness of Muhammad, saws, and to the consciousness of humanity.

Reading one thirtieth of the Quran every day is a beautiful form of worship and a great source of learning. If you can do this please do so. Or simply listen to it everyday. Or read portions of each Jus (the division into thirty parts) every day. Remember that the essence of Quran and all the holy books is La ilahe ilallah. Another way to imbibe the Quran is to recite ceaselessly La ilahe ilallah Muhammadan rasulallah.

And praising Allah is the greatest.”

Any sincere offering that you make in the Ramadan is fruitful. Any restraint of the limited self is rewarded.

Here are some suggestions for our Community.

Fasting:   the complete fast of water and food from about an hour before sunrise to sunset

Modified fasting: drinking water or clear liquid without food

Offering a full fast but beginning slightly later in the day.

If you fast please remember to ask Allah to make the fast easy for you and for the Ummat. “Allah desires ease for you and not difficulty.” Surah 2 Baqara:185

Continue calling on the Most Merciful of the Merciful!

Quran:  reading the entire Quran, one thirtieth every day, or reading portions of the Quran as much as you can absorb

Reading Heart of Quran

Reading the Morning and Evening Wirds every day as they are essences of the Quran and that is why they are so beneficial

Salat:  Offering the Tarawih of 20 extra rakats after the night prayer but before the Witr salat (the 3 rakat prayer that seals the night salat)

Offering a Tarawih of 12 extra rakats

Tasbih: Offering continuous La ilahe ilallah Muhammadan Rasulallah

Sadaqa:  Offer charity of food to those in need. This is actually one of the ways that the Quran says one may compensate if one does not fast. But it goes on to say that, “Fasting is better for you if you only knew.” Surah 2 Baqara:184

Dear Companions,   This is just a list of basic actions that are part of the month of Ramadan.

The main act is to seek nearness to Allah, through our inner yearning and through what Allah asks of us. One of the ways to come near to Allah is to serve Allah’s family. So please find your self in service, both through prayer and through outward acts of help.

Insha’allah more contemplations will follow. For now this is sufficient.

May the Ramadan bless you and humble you and exalt you and make you blissful and flowing with divine inspiration and love. May it serve to illumine and guide the heart of humanity. May it help to bring peace.

Fariha Fatima al Jerrahi

Happy Birthday Habibullah who makes all beloved

In Allah’s Boundless and Joyous Love

O beloved of Allah may you have a most blessed joyful birthday!

May your lovers throughout the 18,000 worlds offer you the most beautiful Salawats and gracious greetings and prayers on this day and may they feel immense gratitude in their hearts for your guidance. May their love for you turn this world into a bliss garden of roses and nightingales. And may their hearts be the lamps of lovelight that illumine the way for seekers. And may, for love to you, the Beloved shine forth in their beings like the full moon on a cloudless night.

May your love and your light bless all humanity.

Great gratitude to Muzaffer Ashki Effendi al Jerrahi, Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Amina Taslima al Jerrahi, and Nur al Anwar al Jerrahi and all those who preceded them and all those who follow them, may Allah bless them ceaselessly and abundantly as only the Beloved can bless!

May we be reborn in his love every day of our life

Fariha Fatima

Blessed Easter, Passover, and Days before Ramadan!

In Allah’s All Consuming Love

Peace to your hearts beloved Shaykha Amina, Murshids, Circle Guides and Community of Dervishes,

Blessed Easter, blessed Passover, blessed days leading to the Ramadan! And blessed holy events in all sacred Ways!

May the days of unveiling dawn and may the gathering of the people of Truth take place. May the Truth within all hearts be revealed as One. May the knowledge within all the religions be joyously shared with each other as the cups of water, wine, milk and honey are shared in Paradise. May people’s love of God and humanity increase in these days, and may people’s love of worldliness pass away.

By the Grace of the All Merciful we are blessed to be part of a growing community of faithful ones from every sacred Path who can honor the Resurrection of Jesus, aleyhi salam, and the compassion of Maryam, peace be upon her, the trials and victory of Moses and his people, aleyhi salam, and the descent of the Generous Koran into the heart of Muhammad, salallahu aleyhi wa sellim. And we love and honor the Messengers and holy events in all of the sacred Paths of Allah.

We have been given the key of La ilahe ilallah which opens every door and every heart. According to Muzaffer Effendi, ra, La ilahe ilallah is the essence of all holy books of revelation. It is the essential teaching of all those sent to call humanity. It is the essence of the Beloved’s communication to us in every sacred Path.

I Am. I alone Am. La ilahe ila Ana. Turn to Me. Pray to Me. Ask from Me. Return to Me. Be grateful to Me. Disappear in Me. Reappear through Me. Love Me with your entire being. Love me in your heart, in your self, in your mind. Love Me in in your self and in the heart of my humanity where I abide. Love Me in My creation where I manifest. Love Me with every breath and in every blink of your eye.

But you will fail to love Me as I love you. You will forget your true self and forget Me. You will be distracted by the world and your own affairs. Your heart will be veiled from Me. You will wander in forgetfulness. And then through My love to you and My promise to you I will turn to you and send you distress so that you remember Me. You will remember your Creator and your Refuge and you will ask for My forgiveness and I will forgive you. And you will dwell with Me forever.

Please dervishes, let us together take the opportunity of this time when the concerns of worldliness have been distanced. We are in a worldwide halvet and the energy of the earth has shifted toward the spirit. This does not imply that we are indifferent to the sufferings of others. On the contrary we are much more aware of others. We feel our unity even as our physicality is reduced. We are being shown that Spirit is the master over matter. We are being shown our true nature and our purpose in being. Love is revealing herself as the Essence of being. Love as the Queen of Creation.  This is a Ramadan before the Ramadan… fasting from the world, turning to Allah, going into our heart, seeking our Beloved, asking forgiveness, contemplating the Signs.

Beginning on this day of the Ascension of Jesus, alayhi salam, let us offer a special retreat, until Friday at sunset. In this retreat, following what Shaykha Amina has prescribed for her community in the days between last Thursday and today Easter, let us remember Allah continuously. This means to be with Allah. To know that we are never separate from Allah. To know that Allah is the hand with which we grasp, the feet with which we walk, the eyes with which we see, ears with which we hear, tongue with which we speak, and the heart with which we know and feel. So we are no longer seeking Allah at a distance. We are remembering that Allah is all that we are. We are always merged in Allah. There is nothing special we have to do apart from accepting that we are not separate from Allah. Receive the reality of Allah entirely into your being. And from this radical opening of your being allow whichever  holy words, song, intonation, feeling or action to arise.

May we be extinguished in the power of Truth and revived in the wonder of Love.

Ya Hu

Please consult with your Circle Guides.


Closer than your own life vein

Salam beloveds,
 The Koranic verse, I am closer to you than your own life vein (50:16) is one that we can contemplate for our retreat into Allah.  Also, the verse in which Allah says to Moses, And i cast love over thee from Me, and so you were raised under My Gaze. (20:39) Allah's Gaze is from within.


Happy Birthday Imam Mehdi, as, Fifteenth of Shaban


Blessed birth O cherished Imam Mehdi, twelfth noble successor in the lineage of Hazreti Fatima, as, and Imam Ali, ra. Blessings on you and the people of your household and your followers the day you are born, the day you die and day you resurrect.

His justice and prosperity will ease the hearts of the faithful, and friendship and love will settle between the nations. (Al-Muttaqi al-Hindi, Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman, p. 66)

The Night of Blessing and Forgiveness, Laylatul Barat


Peace to your hearts beloved Dervishes

Tonight is Laylatul Barat, the night of the full moon of Shaban when the intense mercy and forgiveness of the Beloved floods the world and floods our hearts.

This is the third of the three nights of the waxing moon when Muhammad, may he be showered in the peace and loving kindness of his Lord, prayed by himself for the forgiveness of humanity. On the third night his family discovered him in the garden of Medina and he asked them to join him in his supplication. This is the night when the community comes together to offer 100 rekats in spiritual unity with his soul and the souls of all the faithful who are praying for the softening of hearts, the removal of the veils and the conscious return of human beings to their Lord and Lover.

Because of our condition of isolation I had envisioned that we could keep vigil in some part of all three nights by offering a third of the hundred rekats each night on our own. This would relieve us from offering the 100 all in one night individually, which is more challenging than when we are together. But I was caught unaware of the actual time of the month, and curiously so was Shaykha Amina, so that we both received clarity only yesterday early evening that the first two days had already come. What we mutually decided was that we would keep the plan for the three day retreat and begin tonite, Laylatul Barat, with the first of the 33 rekats. From there we will continue for two more nights of salat and prayers of supplication. This will take us through Thursday night. Some of you may have already begun the series of salats and that is good. You may continue to complete the 100 or you may offer more by praying them together with the dervishes who have not already begun.

Inshallah there is benefit in our having overlooked the time. By praying on the two days following the full moon rather than on those preceding it we are inshallah extending the blessings of the full moon.

Allah is the Knower and the Bestower of blessing.

There is an ayat in Koran which fits this time of praying in our homes.

We inspired Moses and his brother with this message: Provide dwellings for your People in Egypt and make your dwellings into kiblas of devotion and turning to Me. And establish salat and give good news to the Faithful.


So let us pray in our homes, establish goodness and offer guidance, joy and consolation to each other.

Blessed Laylatul Barat!

Fariha Fatima Nur

The Messenger Virus


Salam and Sakina to your hearts dear Circle Guides and Dervishes,

Inshallah as we go deeper into the effects of the virus, the messenger to us at this time, we are going deeper into our hearts. This very small creature, a servant of Allah, is in some ways similar to the gnat that overcame Nimrod – it is sent to overcome the tyrant in the world and also in our own self.

It is like a messenger who brings both the good news and the warning. The good news is that it calls the faithful to become stronger, to turn to our Source and Beloved, to become more compassionate, to focus on what is important, to focus on each other and those in need, to remember that the essence is in the human heart  – it is in our self, our family, our neighbor, our community, the earth community –and not in things or achievements, things of the ego. This messenger virus is stripping away the false idols of fame, of self importance, of the illusion that we can live separate from anyone else, of the illusion of nations and exclusive communities. It is unveiling the injustices in our society, that there are people who live on the street, that people do not have enough to eat, that people are not taken care for in their basic needs, that we are spending trillions of dollars on war, war, war, killing people and devastating their lands and their livelihood and robbing the resources that God gave to them for their well-being. Through our blindness we are sending wildlife into the sixth extinction.  We have come to rely on a chemical industry and a medical industry and a corporate industry that is twisted and toxic, killing people and creatures. We rely on false assumptions about the purpose of our life. We are not teaching the truth in schools. We are not teaching the truth at home.

The fundamental illusion that is breeding all others is that we do not know our self and we do not know our Lord and Lover. The beloved Prophet, may he be showered in the loving kindness of Allah, has conveyed from Allah, “Know your self and know your Lord.” This is a fundamental order. If we do not place it as our foundation we have no foundation.

Doing Zikr with others, praying for someone, being kind to someone, giving food to someone, smiling at someone, consoling someone, … these are more important than all the wealth and fame we can acquire. O servants of Rahman!

Let us use this precious time to see the tyrant within our self and to overcome it. Let us use this precious time to know our self. Let us use this precious time to be with Allah Who is ever with us and to be grateful to the One Who is grateful and gracious to us. May our kindness and concern for others increase. May our love burst into flame and consume our fear and our selfishness. May we be increased in knowledge and in all that Allah loves, nearness to Allah and compassion toward all beings.

May this little messenger help us in the Way of truth. May it help us to know our self and know our Lord and Lover. And inshallah it will retreat back to where it came from.

I convey a dream from Waliya of Puerto Rico, now living with her daughter Sofia and her husband Jason outside Miami. She received it in the evening of March 10, the full moon of Rajab.

I had a dream where I was shown a ball with points and I ask myself what this is. A voice was telling me: “Humans are creating this, this virus is being created by humans.”

The voice said that there will be more because of our words. That we are not kind, and that we are the only ones who can transform what is happening with our higher self and consciousness. The voice said that the people who are getting the virus and dying from it knew this before coming to this plane of existence (that they chose this as a sacrifice to point the way to others).

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, Ya Wadud, Ya Rauf,Ya Hadi, Ya Shafi,Ya Hu


Isra and Miraj practices


Beloved Community

Blessed Isra and Miraj

I am quickly sending you a Nafl practice which is not required but is beneficial for this day preceding the night of Miraj.

This prayer is offered between the noon and afternoon prayers on the day of Miraj, the 27th of Rajab. It is 4 rakats. After the Fatiha in each rakat the following is recited:
1 Suratul Falaq, Surah 113
1 Suratun Nas, Surah114
3 Suratul Qadr, Surah 97
51 Suratul Ikhlas, Surah 112

Apart from this you may offer other kinds of devotions:

Read the Mevlud in the Atom from the Sun of Knowledge, the section on the Ascension.

Irshad, pp. 435-461 and 466-470 offers an account of the travel to Jerusalem, the Isra, and the Miraj in Effendi’s powerful words. Try not to be disturbed by the passages on the trials suffered because of various perversions of the natural human constitution. Most prophetic accounts and scriptures have some imagery of this kind. If it is too distasteful to you just skip over it. It is not meant for you anyway.

The Evening and Morning Wirds are always excellent.

La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah 1,000 times or more

Extra rekats of salat in the night

Contemplation of the Miraj by following the Prophet’s journey in your soul.

Every person of faith will experience a miraj at least once in their life.

May our love and our every breath be for the beloved of Allah in this holy night, for the one who has brought countless blessings to ourselves and all beings. So many new words and forms of praise, so much mystic knowledge, so much forgiveness and bountiful blessings were offered to us by Allah in this night through the blessed heart of the Messenger.

May our love and gratitude flow from our hearts to our lineage, and in particular to beloved Pir Nureddin Jerrahi and his mother Amina al Jerrahi, beloved Muzaffer Effendi al Jerrahi and beloved Nur al Anwar al Jerrahi.

With the spiritual excitement descending into our souls from this night.

Fariha Nur Ashki Jerrahi to all of you Nur Ashki Jerrahi Beloveds

Healing Prayer


Beloved Servants of Allah

May the peace of Rajab shower upon you and upon us all. Let us remember in the midst of all the health concerns that this is a sacred month of tremendous blessing. It is the month of Allah the Exalted and Majestic. It is the month of Dhul Jalal wal Ikram, the Owner and Manifester of majesty and generosity, the Beloved Lord of our hearts and Lord of the universes and Lord of every point of creation. It is the month that overflows with divine bounty and blessings. It is the month in which our faults are overlooked, not even seen or heard, which gives it the name of the Deaf Month. “Rajab is the month of forgiveness, so seek forgiveness from Allah.”

This Rajab is also a time when we are experiencing the virus called Corona, Crown, Taj. It is called that because of its shape. Also it seems to be powerful, like a ruler, in its ability to transmit itself from person to person.

Possibly it is also a Taj because it has hidden gifts.

We should look for its gifts as well as its risks.

We see that it is unifying people, as natural disasters do. We feel a kinship with other people in the world who are striving to address it and contain it. We feel compassion for those who are sick or under quarantine. We are more aware of others, even if initially with precaution. We are more aware of our environment. Our senses are more alert. Cleanliness is emphasized. Prayer comes to the foreground of our consciousness. The teachings of the Quran and the blessed prophet Muhammad, pbuh, stand out for us as a lifeline. Ablution is one of the best of protections. Breathing water into our nose as part of the ablution is a way to eliminate viruses and bacteria which reside first in the nasal passages and throat before descending into other parts of the body. The ablution is offered with the name of Allah, Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim or La ilahe ilallah. With the water and the Name and our intention we create a garment of light around us, as Shaykh Nur has said. This garment is a protection against subtle negative energies, and viruses are like negative energies.

This virus is encouraging us to adopt life enhancing protocols such as pure nourishing foods and herbs to support our immune system. Because no vaccine is available we are looking into the ancient methods of healing and protection. We are paying great attention to the plant world, realizing that innumerable medicines are available from our friends the plants.

We are more quiet, less running around. We are more at home. We have more time to contemplate the essential of life. Pollution is diminishing as less wheels are turning and less factories are exhausting fumes. And yet still people are able to eat. We are more compassionate. We are guided to increase our prayers, our tasbih, our Wirds, our Salat. We are guided to be more watchful of our thoughts. Every thought is a vibration that goes back into our own system and also goes out into the world, but it has the most effect on our self. A good thought brings an energy of light and happiness. A negative or judgmental thought is like a virus that brings illness. We should be at work creating paradise in our hearts and in our minds and all around us.

We should not panic. The people of faith do not panic in times of difficulty or distress.

We are given so many resources to protect our self and others and to heal our self and others.

Tasbih and Practices for Protection:
The Wird and Usul
16 Ya Hafizu
The 7 Ayatul Qursi blown in the 6 directions and the final one breathed in
Surahs Falaq and Nas, the final two Surahs of the Quran
Calling on the Saints, particularly Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Muzaffer Ashki and Abdul Qadir Gaylani, may Allah embrace their secret hearts
Ablution, may be done after every time of going to the bathroom so it can become a frequent practice of renewing our sheath of light

Tasbih and Prayers for Healing:
160 Ya Salam
The healing prayer from our Order which is below
May the most Merciful and Generous open the best of gates for the new humanity.

The list of friends of Allah is a prayer in itself. You may simply recite their names and ask for their intercession.

Another healing prayer is in the Surah 17 Bani Israil, ayat 82.
"We send down in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the people of faith."
Wa nunezzilu minel Qurani ma huwa shifaan wa rahmetan lil muminina.

And the practice of Salat is an immense blessing and healing beyond our understanding. It is direct seeing of Allah and direct speaking with Allah. Ya Sami Ya Basir. It is truly an ascension, as the Prophet, saws, has said. He also said that in Salat he found refreshment for the eye of his heart. And this refreshment, because of witnessing Allah, is what is healing. Ihsan is seeing Allah when in Salat, and if you do not recognize that you are seeing Allah know that you are still seeing Allah.

Also, the physical movements of standing, reciting, bowing and prostrating bring healing to the body.
Ya Hadi Ya Nur Ya Taslimyat in submission we are healed

Hu Fariha Fatima Nur


Healing Prayer

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim

Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin wa sahbihi wa-s-sallim
Bismi-Llahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim - Al-Fatiha

Allahumma salli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ‘ala ali Muhammadin tibbi-l-qulubi wa dawa’iha wa ‘afiyati-l-abdani
wa shifa’iha wa nuri-l-absari wa ziya’iha wa sahbihi wa-s-sallim
(7 times)
7 x Fatiha - Hu

La ilaha illa-Llah Muhammada-r-Rasulu-Llah, salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallimu taslima Haqq, La ilaha illa-Llah Muhammad Habibu-Llah salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallimu taslima Haqq La ilaha illa-Llah Muhammad Shafi’u-Llah salla-Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallimu taslima Haqq

Ya Khayru-l-Khalas
Ya Khidru, Ya Ilyas, Ya Q_utbu, Ya Gauth
Ya Hazreti Pir Abdu-l-Q_adir Gaylani shay’an lillah yetish Ya Sayyid Ahmad Rufai shay’an lillah yetish
Ya Sayyid Ahmad Badawi shay’an lillah yetish Ya Sayyid Ibrahim Dussuqi shay’an lillah yetish
Pir destgir, Sultan Pir Muhammad Nureddin Effendi yetish Ya Shafi’, Ya Kafi, Ya ‘Afi, Ya Mu‘afi, Ya Allah
La ilaha illa-Llah Muhammad Shafi’u-Llah Destur Hazreti Pir nefes senin

Provisional Translation of the Healing Prayer

O beloved Allah please shower your blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad and the cherished family of Muhammad and his noble companions. (1 time)

O Allah please shower Your blessings and peace upon our master Muhammad and the precious family of Muhammad, the one who is the medicine and remedy for our longing hearts, the health and healing of our frail bodies, and the light and radiance of our eyes. And bless his noble companions with peace.
(7 times)

The Fatiha (7 times)


La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Rasulallah, sallallahu alayhi wa sellimu taslima Haqq.
O Allah You are the One and Only Reality and Muhammad is Your Messenger, may he be blessed and showered in abundant peace, O Truth!
La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Habibullah sallallahu alayhi wa sellimu taslima Haqq.
O Allah You are the One and Only Reality and Muhammad is Your Beloved, may he be blessed and showered in never-ending peace, O Truth!
La ilahe ilallah Muhammad Shafiullah sallaallahu alayhi wa sellimu taslima Haqq
O Allah You are the One and Only Reality and Muhammad is Your Intercessor, O Truth

O most eminent pole of Safety and Salvation
O Khidr!
O Elias!
O Pole, O great Helper, O holy Pir Abdul Qadir Gaylani, for Allah’s sake bring your help now!
O Master Ahmed Rufai for Allah’s sake bring your help now!
O Master Ahmed Badawi for Allah’s sake bring your help now!
O Master Ibrahim Dussuqi for Allah’s sake bring your help now!

O great helping Pir, Sultan Pir Muhammad Nureddin Effendi help us now!

Ya Shafi - O Intercessor,
Ya Kafi - O All Sufficing and Fulfilling,
Ya Afu - O Eraser of our faults,
Ya Mu’afi – O Bestower of well being,
O Allah!

Through your permission and the power of your healing breath, Ya Hazreti Pir!


Saints Supplications

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim
Allahume salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad wa sahbihi wa sellim!
Medet Allah!
Ya Arham ir Rahimin! (3 times) Ya Hazreti Jibrail, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Mikail, Medet!
Medet Ya Hazreti Muhammad Mustafa Hatem al Anbiyya Rahmetil Aleymin, salallahu aleyhi was sellim,
Ya Hazreti Issa Ruhullah wa Hazreti Maryam Hairun Nissa, salallahu aleyhim, Medet!
Ya Ahl al Bayt, Medet! Ya Ahl al Kisa, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Khadija al Kubra, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Fatima Khalifatullah, Medet!
Ya Imam Ali Warithuddin Haydar al Kerrar, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Aisha Ummi al Muminin, Medet!
Ya Imam Hasan al Mujtaba, Medet!
Ya Imam Husayn Shahi Shuhada, Medet! Ya Hazreti Rabia al Adawiyya, Medet!
Ya Pir Gaus ul Azam Abdul Qadir Gaylani, Medet!
Ya Pir Ahmed al Rifai Abul Alemeyin, Medet!
Ya Pir Sayyid Ahmed al Badawi, Medet!
Ya Pir Ibrahim Desouki, Medet
Ya Pir Muinuddin Chisti Gharib Nawaz, Medet!
Ya Pir Abu Hasan Shadhili Medet!
Ya Pir Baha al Din Naqshband, Medet!
Ya Pir Muhayiddin Ibn Arabi, Shaykh al Akbar, Medet!
Ya Pir Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, Qutub ul Ashikin, Medet!
Ya Pir Omar Halveti, Medet! Ya Pir Yahya Shirvani, Medet! Ya Pir Ahmed Tijani, Medet!
Ya Pir Ahmadou Bamba, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Ummi Amina Taslima, Medet!
Ya Hazreti Pir Muhammad Nureddin al Jerrahi, Medet! Ya Hazreti Pir Muzaffer Ashki Aziz al Jerrahi, Medet! Ya Hazreti Pir Nur al Anwar al Malik al Jerrahi, Medet!
Ya Qutbul Zaman, Medet!
Ya Uchler, Ya Yediler, Ya Kirklar, Medet!
Ya Rijalun, Medet! Ya Evliya’allah, Medet! Medet! Medet! Medet!
Al Fatiha


All is Prayer



All is prayer
The great cycles of time
the seasons, the days, the hours, the moments are all in prayer
the stars, the air, the earth
all the earth’s vast life, all the noble creatures
in the soil, in the streams, in the ocean, forests and deserts
our self is prayer, our body
our walking on the earth
our breathing
our speaking, our hearing, our seeing
our loving
our eating and drinking
working with our hands
our play
our tears, our laughter
our struggles
our intentions
our sickness, our healing
all is our prayer
as we walk the holy way of life together, the sacred path which leads us to knowing that all is holy, all is Allah, all is Hu


First Night of Rajab is Tonight


Dearest Shaykha Amina, Circle Guides and Dervishes, may the peace of the month of Rajab shower upon you and lift the burdens from your souls, untie the knots of your dilemmas, fill your hearts with love and increase your devotion and desire for Allah.

It is highly beneficial to fast in this month. If you feel drawn to it let’s fast together tomorrow, the first day.

The first Thursday night of Rajab commemorates the conception of the Prophet Muhammad, may he be showered in divine peace. It is called Regaip. It is a mystic night for the lovers of Allah.

Heart in Heart in the Source
Fariha Fatima Nur


One of the Four Holiest Nights of the Year
May peace continue descending and filling our hearts and may our souls be joined to Allah.
This night, the first night of Rajab, is reported by Imam Hassan, aleyhi salam, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, may he be showered in divine peace, to be one of the four holiest and most powerful nights of the year. This is recorded in Hadith and in the Irshad of Muzaffer Effendi, rahmetullah aleyhi.
May humanity be immensely blessed for the sake of this night.


The Impossible is Possible for Allah
In this Night ask. "Ask of Me and I will answer you."