Salawat for Miraj


Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Tender-hearted Beloved of Allah!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O One invited to make the great journey of ascent into the essence and the journey of return to humanity bearing infinite divine mercy!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Great Companion of Archangel Gabriel!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Master of noble Buraq!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Luminous Imam leading all prophets in prayer at the Temple of Solomon!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O One who was welcomed by the prophets in all seven heavens!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O One who mystically traversed seventy thousand veils of lights covering the Glorious Face of Essential Being!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Chosen Messenger who received ninety thousand splendid words in intimate communion with the Beloved!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Realizer of the highest mystical stations, revealer of the greatest divine mercy and intercessor for all hearts!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O One who returns to share his station with all humanity!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to you O Crown of Miraj, O Crown of humanity, O True human being!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to the five under the cloak, to your wives, your family, your companions, your inheritors, your community!
Heartfelt greetings and peace to all the prophets and messengers of Allah and their communities!
And all praises flow to Allah, Cherisher and Sustainer of all the worlds!

Ya Imam Huseyn!

In the Blessed Name of Allah, Infinite Mercy and Boundless Love

Ya Imam Huseyn! Ya Imam Huseyn! Ya Imam Huseyn!

The sun of Love shines from your great heart as you stand within the community of humanity.

It is Love that undertakes the journey into the desert of unknowing and the desert of longing to reveal Itself and to know Itself.

Love allows Itself to be captured by the forces of tyranny, arrogance and separation to teach humanity that they are just chimeras and shadows.

Love tastes the blood of suffering and transforms it into praise and gratitude.

Love meets hatred and ignorance and answers with prayer and intercession.

Love extinguishes the fires of those hells with its tears falling from the Essence.

Loves' tears contain the Ocean of Mercy and all the Holy Books.

Love unveils Itself in the center of the Center.

Love reaches beyond the Beyond.

Love cannot be contained by any boundary or limitation, any law, any custom, any form, any history, or any projection of future.

Now in the desert, in the divine human form, Love receives the crown of victory. Ya Huseyn! O martyrs of Karbala!

Humanity, jinn and angels are weeping around you O Huseyn, O martyrs!

Humanity, jinn and angels are rejoicing around you O Huseyn, O martyrs!

Ya Ashura! O great day for humanity.

Ya Ashura! O great day of victory for all the Prophets and their communities.

Ya Ashura! O great day for Muhammad the Beloved and Praiseworthy when he is crowned with the Makam al Mahmud, the Station of the Greatest All-Encompassing Praise, the One praising Itself through all manifest Being.

O great day of Truth and Happiness for all beings!

O Love!

Ya Hazreti Fatima al Kubra, aleyhi salam! Ya Hazreti Ali Amir al Muminin, aleyhi salam! Ya Hazreti Pir Nureddin Jerrahi, Ya Amina Tasleema al Jerrahi, Ya Hazreti Muzaffer Ashki al Jerrahi, Y Hazreti Nur al Anwar al Jerrahi, may Allah's loving Mercy encompass you all! Ya Ummeti Muhammad! Alhamdulillah!

Ya Imam Huseyn and Martyrs of Karbala, please intercede for us that we may be this Love!

Ya Hu Allah!

The Month of Hajj

In the Name of Allah's Infinite Love

We are in the month of Hajj, when the outer pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Mecca and Medina and the Mount of Arafat began. Over 2 million pilgrims will gather to perform the Hajj during the first ten days, seeking to follow the way of the enlightened Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and to fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam.

The life of the noble Muhammad, aleyhi salam, was an affirmation and continuation of the way of all the Prophets preceding him, the way of submission to Divine Reality and complete acceptance of a life of exile. The Prophet himself has said, "Live in the world as a stranger" - because the world is a stranger to us. Her divine responsibility is to push us out, not to let us rest in her lap. She is like the mother in labor, we are the children, and the world of reality is our birth place. The world and the body are the same, both envelopes of the jewel which is our true self. The world and the body are both blessed places of exile because they are the places of passage, they hold the signs pointing to the Truth, and thru them we undergo the transformation which reveals our hearts.

Therefore, pilgrimage is a primordial principle of our human nature. Coming into existence from the state of hidden essentiality, coming into earthly bodies from the world of spirit, journeying from birth to death, journeying from dark to light and sleep to waking, from known to unknown are all a form of pilgrimage. The sacred pilgrimage begins when we realize that we are returning to Allah. Once this has dawned in our hearts, the next stage of the journey is the awareness that we are journeying from Allah to Allah, and within Allah eternally. Our Lord says to us through the Book of Light, Holy Quran, "I will take you on an endless journey of love from one place of beauty to another," and "You will witness the signs of light on the horizons and in your own hearts." Guided consciously by Allah, our life becomes a ceaseless journey of witnessing, an outpouring of Allah's revelation into our hearts, a travel which happens through the unfolding of the petals of the divine Heart.

O Dervish
Dare to make the true Hajj
Dare to fully enter your humanity with all humanity
Dare to go on the pilgrimage of love, taking only love and trust in Allah as
your provision
Dare to drink the life-giving sap of zam zam from your essence
Dare to whirl around the Kaba of divinity in your heart
Dare to stand on the Mount Arafat of your being and pray for all being
Dare to descend from what you know into unknowing
Dare to enter the black core of your essence
Dare to let go of your attributes and dive into colorlessness
Dare to meet Allah on the prayer carpet of nearness and prostration,
completely open and naked
Dare to give your heart to love's devouring
Dare to die again and again
Dare to live with no ground to stand on, no mind to speak, no place to hide
Dare to let only Hu live
This is true Hajj

May our Hajj be true, may our Hajj be blessed

Fariha Fatima

The Hajj, the Pilgrimage, Fifth Pillar of Islam

In the Name of Allah's all-embracing Compassion and Love

The Hajj, the Pilgrimage, fifth pillar of Islam

Dear dervishes,

Once in our lifetime we are requested to undertake the sacred journey to the valley of Mecca for the sake of Allah, and thus follow the footsteps of the Prophets whose entire lives were only the sacred journey within Divine Reality. On this journey we experience the abandoning of family, home, possessions, name, and even life for the sake of Allah. We are invited to stand naked of identity and offer to our Lord what has never belonged to us, ourself; we are moved to realize that our life is not our own to live in whatever way we desire, seeking our own goals; we are opened to see that our salvation is in the guidance granted to us through the holy rivers of revelation; we are inspired to desire right guidance, the way to deeper and deeper levels of Allah's Pleasure, more than anything else in the world, and we pledge ourselves to our Source with all our being. We taste the sweetness of submission and the power of fana, complete annihilation in Allah. Standing at Arafat with heart empty of all but Allah is the essence of Hajj. The model of Hajj is essentially the life of every Prophet, and for each there is also an experience of a deeper hajj, an exile, or journey toward Allah, for exile from the world is the coming close to Allah. In the life of Adam and Eve it was the departure from the Garden and the 'falling' to earth. At this time the Kaba also descended to earth through Allah's mercy, as a luminous white structure, an extension of the heavenly house of devotion called Bayt al Mamur where angels are constantly circumambulating and worshipping Allah. Therefore when earth became the dwelling for our first parents, it was crowned with the holy temple, and it is said that they circumambulated it, chanting praises, as part of their worship. Thus whirling and praising are essential worship.

At the time of their descent, Adam and Eve had lost each other, and where they met on earth for the first time was the mountain at Arafat, the Mount of Mercy, Jabal Rahma. The main elements of the Hajj were thus in place on earth, and Adam and Eve were the first hajjis. Their journey was the quest for divine love, ashk, which they could not experience in their paradise state according to Sheykh Muzaffer. For Hazreti Noah the hajj was the journey through the flood in the ark with the ones chosen to begin a new life. For noble Abraham it was the departure from his father's kingdom, and then the leaving of Hagar and Ishamel in the desert according to the divine command, and then the journey to sacrifice Ishmael, or according to Judaic tradition, Isaac. For Hagar it was the experience of being left alone in the desert with her son. The Hajj today, as transmitted by our noble Prophet Muhammad, may Allah exalt his station, is based on the sacred experience of blessed Abraham, Hagar, and Ishmael, may divine peace be upon them always. Hagar, Hajja in arabic, even bears the name of this exalted state of journeying. Her quest, as one of the mothers of the faithful, was to invoke Allah's overflowing mercy for humanity. In her seeking help for herself and her son, through her ardent prayers and her running back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwa, she was drawing out the deepest springs of mercy and nourishment for human beings, and this manifested overtly in the form of the Zam Zam water, which sprang up under the blessed foot of Ishmael, the forbearer of the prophet Muhammad. Years later, Abraham returned to the desert valley where he had left his son and Hagar, and together with Ishmael he rebuilt the Ka'aba which had fallen into ruin. After it was completed, the prayers of Abraham opened the way for all future pilgrims to the holy temple. In the powerful words of Holy Koran, "My Lord, make this a land of peace and security, and feed its people with the fruits of divine illumination, those of them who believe in Allah and in eternal life." The land he referred to was both the sacred valley of Mecca and the land of the heart that is inhabited by Allah alone. Blessed Abraham also prayed for the coming of Muhammad within this sacred valley.

The culminating Hajj was that of our blessed Prophet Muhammad, may Allah's peace and special favor always flow through him. His departure from Mecca, through Allah's command, marked the beginning of the full Muslim community in Medina. His return to Mecca ten years later marked the completion of the religion and established the full Hajj. Everything the hajji does today was offered by him. As he mounted his camel, dressed in the pilgrims cloth, and entered the holy precincts surrounding Mecca, he offered for the first time the prayer, "Labayk Allahume Labayk. Labbayk la sharike laka labayk. Inal hamda wa ni'mata, laka wal mulk. La sharike lak." "Here I am O Allah, here I am, empty and naked before You. And there is none other than You to claim existence. Here I am before You O Source and Reality of my being. All praise belongs only to You and flows to You alone. All blessings and favors come from You alone. Upon You alone rests the entire creation. There is none alongside You to claim dominion or reality." This prayer has become the pigrims' dhikr. On the following day, as he first came into view of the holy Kaba, upon which he had not set eyes since he left Mecca nine years before, he cried out 'Allahu Akbar'. He then offered the following prayer which is reminiscent of the prayer for peace of beloved Abraham. "O Allah, You are peace and the boundless Source of peace, and to you returns all peace. Our Lord, let us live our lives in peace, and draw us back into the garden of eternal peace. O Lord, blessed are You and exalted, O Owner of Glory and Generosity. O Allah, increase Your house in honor and dignity, and increase it more with the Hajj and Umra."

On the day of Arafat, we stand together in the afternoon, and offer the prayer of Labayk, connected in heart to all the pilgrims standing at Arafat. The holiness of this day is increased through it being the passing day of our Pir, Hazreti Nureddin Jerrahi, who left this realm for the realm of Beauty in the night after the day of Arafat, the eve of the Feast in the Islamic year 1133. For three consecutive years prior to his passing he miraculously transported his dervishes from Istanbul to the plain of Arafat to join the pilgrims. Therefore we have this as a gift of our Pir, and as we stand together on this day and pray through his name, we are also brought on the holy journey.

It was also at Arafat, in his sublime Hajj, that the final revelation descended to the Prophet Muhammad, may the Divine peace and favor always shower upon him, indicating that the outer stream of revelation was now sealed. In his sermon, called the Farewell Sermon, addressed to the hundred thousand pilgrims gathered with him around the Mount of Mercy at Arafat, he abolished the practice of taking interest on loans, he abolished the blood feud, he established the rights of women, he proclaimed that all Muslims were brothers and sisters to each other, and he pointed to the Koran as the guidance which he left to his followers. He then asked his people whether he had delivered Allah's message and had been a good counsellor to them. All of the pilgrims cried out resoundingly yes. Then he cried out three times, "O Lord be my witness, O Lord be my witness, O Lord be my witness." The revelation descended, "Today I have perfected your religion for you, and completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you the sublime and simple way of submission to Me alone." A few months later the soul of the glorious Prophet Muhammad, may Allah always increase him and his community in peace, was taken to the realm of beauty while he lay with his head in the lap of beloved Aisha. In regard for his exalted being, he was asked whether he wanted to remain in this world or leave for the next. Our mother Aisha heard his tender lips form the words, "With the companions on high." And at moment his soul left his blessed body.

May Allah accept our prayers and bless all of humanity with the inner hajj of the heart, the true hajj.

Fariha Fatima

The Great Full Moon Nights of the 13, 14, and 15 of Shaban

Dearest lovers of Truth

May Allah most Near embrace you in thousandfold love

The great full moon nights of the 13, 14, and 15 of Shaban are here, this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.

Blessed Sheyk Muzaffer in Irshad, conveys the words of the Prophet Muhammad, may the divine splendor radiate from him always, regarding these nights. It was on the 13th night of Shaban that the angel Gabriel came to our Prophet from Allah most High, requesting him to rise in order to keep vigil and pray for the intercession of his cherished community. On this night Divine Mercy is outpouring and his prayers would be answered. So he rose and prayed throughout the night. At dawn the noble Gabriel came to inform him that he was granted one third of his community. He wept as he sought to find out the state of the rest. Gabriel, may divine peace be upon him, said that he could not answer him. The following night, the angel again appeared to him and told him to rise and pray as Allah's Mercy was overflowing. His tender heart, full of the love for his community, pleaded with his Lord for the guidance and enlightenment of humanity. At dawn, Gabriel returned to inform him that another third of his community was accepted into the Divine Pleasure. Still the heart of the Prophet was not content. On the third night, the 15th of Shaban, Gabriel appeared to him and said "Arise O Messenger of Allah! This is the night of Absolution, of complete forgiveness and mercy for all beings. Pray for your community." The Prophet of love entered the state of intimate communion and begged ardently from the Lord of love for the forgiveness and guidance of humanity. At dawn the blessed messenger angel reappeared and gave him the overwhelming news of Allah's great pleasure. All of his community was granted to him. He was then asked to gaze into the heavens and there he witnessed the astounding vision of all angelic beings in the seven heavens giving the good news to humanity and to those who offered either zikrullah or salat or prayer or contemplation or tears of love or recitation of Koran on this night. Thereupon Muhammad, may Allah's divine pleasure and peace shower eternally upon him, returned to his community and urged them always to pray and remember Allah on this special night. He who is the truthful tells us who are his community that Allah will surely forgive us and answer our prayers on this night. We have only to turn and to ask. This is one of the nights of power, so let us be awake in it. Let us be present in our heart. Let us offer whatever we are able to offer to Allah on this night. Traditionally the community is led in 100 rakats of salat, with one fatiha and one short sura or ayat in each standing portion. One could even break up the 100 into two or three portions so that one can rest for a moment or refresh oneself with water or tea. It is possible to offer fewer rakats, such as twenty or forty. Also on this night the wird would be a blessing, either the evening or morning one. Or one could offer a seated zikr with more tasbih. One could read from the Heart of Koran. All sincere offerings are pleasing to Allah. It is also common to fast on either the day before or the day after the 15th.

In our prayers tonight let us ask Allah the Generous for what the Prophet asked, for all beings. May we follow in his magnificent way of sublime generosity, pristine consiousness, and intimate union.

O Allah Who is Love please open the gates of Your awesome Mercy for us and for the family of creation tonight. Answer our prayers as You answered the prayers of Your beloved. Make us also Your beloveds. Please give all of us the worship that You desire. And please grant humanity the blessed destiny to realize itself completely in Your mystic Essence and beautiful Names. Grant humanity to know itself as the khalifatullah, Your own secret treasure. May humanity be completely released from the anxiety of illusion in which it sees itself as separate from You and which leads it into negativity. We ask this in Your greatest Name and for the sake of Muhammad through whom You answer all supplication, may You fill him with Your divine pleasure, and shower your peace upon all of his noble family and companions throughout time.

May you have the most blessed Night of Mercy.

Shayka Fariha